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What is Consumer Panel?

Consumer panels are groups of people selected by NIQ to provide their purchase information. These groups are chosen to represent the thoughts and actions of larger populations.  

At NIQ, consumer panels consist of diverse households across all demographic groups from around the world. The information panelists share with NIQ is used to inform product improvements, prices, promotions, and opportunities for brands and retailers.

How It Works

1. Sign Up

Download the NIQ consumer panel app and answer our registration questions. This will tell us more about you, your household, and how you shop.
Complete the NIQ consumer panel registration form to tell us more about you, your household, and how you shop.

2. Create an Account

After completing the registration, you will receive a password by email or SMS to create an account in the NIQ consumer panel app.

3. Record your Shopping

At this stage, you can begin tracking your household’s grocery shopping by scanning product barcodes within the app. You may also be asked to complete short surveys about your trip. This only takes about 10-15 minutes every week.
No purchases? On holiday? No problem. Simply record the weeks you don’t shop.

4. Earn Rewards

Get rewarded for going grocery shopping! Panelists earn points every time they sign in, report their shopping trips, and answer questionnaires. These points can be redeemed for gift cards, appliances, tools, and so much more!   

Rewards & Benefits

Shop, scan, spend 
Earn points the minute you sign up.  And so much more 

Redeeming points for rewards:  

  1. Visit our redemption site at
  2. Login with your 10-digit member ID and password
  3. Click on “Rewards” and then “Rewards Catalogue”
  4. Select a gift or voucher that corresponds with your available points
  5. Add your gift to your basket and checkout

Why are consumer panels important?

We’re on a mission to show the world what people want — what you want — but we can’t do it alone. Consumer panels give shoppers the opportunity to share their thoughts and behaviors directly with their favorite brands and stores.

In turn, this helps brands and retailers continue to create products and shopping experiences that make your life better and easier. Ready to show the world what you want?


Your privacy, security, and digital wellbeing is our top priority.
Panelist information is always confidential. We do not use your information to advertise, promote, market, or sell goods or services directly to you, and we do not permit our clients to use your information for such purposes.
We do not ask for or involuntarily collect sensitive personal information. All data collected is protected from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access. 

Your household’s participation is always voluntary. For more information, please read our Consumer Panel Privacy Notice

About NIQ

NIQ is world’s leading consumer intelligence company.
Since 1923, NIQ has set the standard for market and consumer insight research. Our insights are based on representative samples of the population and help our clients (e.g., manufacturers, retailers, non-profit organizations, and government entities) learn what consumers want and buy. By participating in NIQ Consumer Panels, your household is helping to show the world what people want.
We recognize that NIQ is uniquely positioned to make a difference in the lives of every person across the world. NIQ is proudly committed to delivering food equity, promoting inclusive economic empowerment, supporting equitable and quality education, and prioritizing sustainability and climate justice.

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